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I know the last post in this segment was published long (I mean l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g) ago. It's not that I don't want to write in this blog or that I have prioritized my other blog, nor that I am getting distracted from writing. It's just that I didn't feel like writing in these days. I have mentioned time and again that I am a lazy writer, this blog is just a hobby (sometimes a medium to express my views towards some serious issues) and a platform where I can share my thoughts and creativity with the people with similar interest. Anyways, I have not stopped writing, let us pretend it was just a delayed vacation. Now let's get into today's post-

To be very honest, Flash Fiction was the last thing that I thought of writing in my blog. I am very bad at writing or narrating stories. Check out my short stories and you would know what I mean. Nevertheless, being a human being and being an experimental human being I somehow gathered the courage to write a flash fiction and then publish it. It was for a contest. Little immature, but I still love it-

(Dec, 2012)
(55 Fiction)

‘Nina, why are you sad baby? It’s your birthday!’
‘Mamma, Ria can’t come and join the party.’
‘She is afraid of us.’
‘Why, baby?’
‘Promise, you won’t tell Papa about this?’
‘I promise.’
‘Mamma, Ria is my best friend. But she is a human.’
‘That’s not funny Nina! There’s no such thing as humans.’


Then I started loving this genre. I won't say I love it the way I love poetry, but I can surely say that I love it more than the other genres. My next motto is to hit the 50 flash fictions milestone and I am sure I will find the inspiration. Here are the other flash fictions I wrote-

(30th May, 2013)
(5 Sentence Fiction)

George was standing alone on the backyard veranda of their summer house in Bald Head Island of America. He was sad, detached from life and totally affected by his mother’s sudden death. Suddenly, he looked at the abandoned lighthouse standing alone in the deserted corner of the island, just like him. He remembered his childhood days when he, along with his parents used of come there in every vacation and visited the lighthouse and spent a lot of time. Coming back to the present, he all of a sudden, saw his father, mother and himself enjoying with each other and revisiting their lost life.

(29th June, 2013)
(5 Sentence Fiction)

It was his first time to visit a castle, actually the ruins of a castle. He definitely had thought of it to be the most picturesque assignment ever since he has started photography. He moseyed along the intertwined rubble-trails and finally found a tomb that was the highest area in the whole relic and decided to take the photographs from there. He eyed on the view-finder and suddenly felt an extreme numbness in his whole body. The century-old wreckage was transformed into what it used to be, a royal castle with all its grandeur and pride.

(24th April, 2014) 
(5 Sentence Fiction)

 It was the best day in Javed’s life because finally he and Aisha, his newlywed, were together away from the crowd. As it was their first night in Pattaya, their honeymoon destination he asked Aisha to wear a beautiful red nightgown that he himself had chosen for her. When Aisha came close to Javed wearing that dress she looked like an angel just dropped from the heaven. The moment Javed grabbed her face on his hard palms and pulled her nearer, with a sudden creaking the mirror in the room shattered and an abrupt flash reflected the image of a beautiful lady, of the girl he cheated on few days before his wedding took place. Her feral gape kept penetrating him the whole night.

(25th April, 2014)
(5 Sentence Fiction)

The Magician was all equipped for the final show of his life, his last act on stage. It was meant to be something grand, larger than life, something that would keep reminding the audience of the magnitude of the Magician and would make him immortal in the world of magic. As the audience geared themselves up and fixed themselves tightly to the seats, the Magician announced that the last act will be a vanishing act. The assistants opened up a wooden coffin and the Magician reclined inside it and the lid was shut tightly with shackles and locks. After half an hour or so, when there was no possibility of the coffin to be opened again, the team found the Magician dead inside it with his face all reddened and his lips smiling. 

(26th April, 2014)
(5 Sentence Fiction)

Finally the day came for which Dhruv had been waiting from last few years. Dhruv and Shalini met in a chat room, they talked for long, smiled together, shared emotional memories and promised to love each other till the very end. Finally when the proposal came from Shalini to have a meeting in her place, Dhruv just couldn’t stop himself from jumping like a kid. As he reached Shalini’s door dressed perfectly and with a bunch of red roses, he could feel his heartbeats when he touched the calling bell. Shalini was looking extra-ordinarily sexy in the black gown, but what shook Dhruv entirely were her six bony, hairy hands, two similarly bony legs, a plump torso and a large cobweb on which she posed herself.

This is all for my previously posted Flash Fiction. Now I want to share my latest Flash Fiction with all of you. I will post it separately in another post. Till then there is a teaser for you all-

"Then came the day, as everyone in the town predicted, quite soon. They said there were some ‘connections’ behind this alacrity. The entire town was keenly waiting for the final verdict to be served, somewhat unbiased, somewhat humane. That girl’s vague vision was glued to the television screen as the.....(contd.)"


Please keep your eyes on my blog to read the full story. This is all about my flash fictions. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am posting a link to all of my Flash/Micro Fictions below-


  1. see, you confirm that even in desolate moments of crativity one can write even if something from the past. even laziness can be titilated by reflection and motivated to scribe.

    1. I've always said that. Creativity is everywhere, one just needs to discover it amongst the oddest situations. Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate your comment :)


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