The Sources of a Life with Verve

There are a lot of things in life that give it a pump. A lot of situations that makes life zesty, a group of people that add dynamism to life. These things, people and situations should be cherished. Like every other people, I also have a list of things that makes my life enjoyable and keeps it spirited. Read to know-

1. Family: My family always comes in the first place in this category. My family is my power bank. It keeps me recharged all the time. I would have been nothing if I didn't get the support of my family. I have always known that friends come and go but one thing that is constant is the bond with your family. My parents keep encouraging me in every situation, my sister plays the role of my best buddy, my boyfriend, who is an extension of the family, keeps me cheered up all the time. What more a person need to live?

2. Appreciative Messages: I love getting appreciated like any other person in this universe. I write from the deepest corner of my heart and I love it when people appreciate them. I feel really overwhelmed when I get to know that people say that they can relate to the piece of writing.

3. Tryst with Nature: I love travelling. I love to be amidst of the silent presence of nature. Sometimes, when life seems to need a little bit of spice, I can only think of planning a tour. Hill stations are my favourite spot for holidaying. I have always found it remedial to go on a trip when you need to zest up your life. It’s tried and tested.

4. Books: Books are like food to me sometimes. I consume them as much as I can when I enter that fanatic stage. Books can always replace a magic wand that we believe to change the life into a magical world. Nothing can be more factual as well as more fictitious than a book. Everyone should be surrounded with books.

5. Enchanting Dreams: I love to believe if we stop dreaming, we would stop creating. Dreams have a special and distinct place in my life. This is something I really love to do everyday- to wake up with a sweet dream. A dream has the power to add enchantment to life and zest it up magically.

These are a few of the things, situations and people which help to zest up my life. What does your list contain? 

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  1. A fantastic list. Agree with it in toto.

  2. Family comes first. Indeed..and your list was spot on!!!
    I need to order some books now. :D


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