Random Rambling | In Retrospect: 2013

For me, 2013 had it all, from delight to grief. Where this year gave a lot to me, then it also took away someone who was really very close to me. Before writing this article, I had a bad feeling about this year which I wanted to jot down. But at the moment of putting that from pen to paper, I realized that there is a lot of good things happened to me this year which I will remember for the lifetime. Though the 'good's have prevailed over the 'bad's this year, but the sadness which the ‘bad’ have caused is so intense that only that stands still where the goods bow down. Anyways, let’s have a look on what I have gained and what I have lost in this year-

January, 2013- The start of this year was quite productive. I launched my second blog which happens to be a Beauty and Fashion blog. At first I thought that it would not work out as I neither had any experience of writing reviews nor did I have a lot of makeup products to talk about. But as time passed I found out that I have earned so much love and so many friends in this network. Also, my articles on the blog got appreciations; people loved them and made me so, so happy! Also, I have learnt that poets can be makeup-addicts too ;) Then this was the month when finally I completed my graduation with good marks.

February, 2013- After the appalling Delhi gang-rape case, Muse for Women took an initiative of publishing a book of protest poetry, short fictions and artworks against gender violence and rape, named Acerbic Anthology. I was one of the luckiest people who got a chance to publish their tribute to Damini and other casualties of rape. My poem ‘Rebirth of a Woman’ got published in the book. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of this kind of project. This is very close to my heart. I want to thank Laurie Kolp, a blogger who told me about the book that was going to be published and she told me to send in my poem to the Muse for Women group. Also, I want to thank the editors Sunil Sharma and Mutiu Olawuyi who approved my poem and gave the chance to be published for the first time.

March, 2013- I was lucky again because another one of my poems, ‘Letter of Hope’ got published in an anthology named ‘Convergence: A global collection of poetry’. That was again a joyous moment for me. Here I want to thank one of my fellow bloggers, Amrit Sinha, who informed me about this and also notified me about the selection of my poem too. I am really blessed with so many amazing co-bloggers.

April, 2013- I successfully completed the April Haiku Challenge arranged by Haiku Heights, an amazing blog for haiku prompts. I had to write one haiku per day throughout the month.

May, 2013- In the month of May, I wrote my 100th blog post. That was surreal!

June, 2013- Participated in IBL, the Indian Bloggers League where I wrote for the east-zone team, Coup d’East. Though we couldn’t win the contest, but we certainly gave a tough competition. I have made a lot of friends from this contest like Sudeshna, Diptee Di, Priyanka Di, Deeptiman and gained a big brother too, Abhishek Mukherjee (dadabhai). I’m definitely going to be friends with all of them for lifetime.

July, 2013- For the very first time, I wrote a short story. It was a bit challenging. I got a lot of appreciation for it. I created an Instagram account and started posting pictures. It was really fun.

August, 2013- Won the ‘Most Popular Poet Award’ on Wordweavers Contest, 2013. There was a theft in our house. All the cell phones and cameras were gone along with my Samsung Galaxy tab which I won in the Indiblogger contest on July. Really bad!

September, 2013- Participated and successfully completed the 7 days writing challenge arranged by Write Tribe (The Write Tribe Festival of Words).

November, 2013- This month was and will be the worst phase of my life till eternity. I lost my dog, the most positive part of my life. I didn’t ever thought of living without him but now I am. This is the episode that made the whole year a trash. Though I acknowledge all the good things it gave to me but still they are of no use without my Jimmy in my life.

December, 2013- December was quite a good month. I finally shopped with my 1000/- gift voucher from Shoppers Stop that I won last year.

2013 is such a year that I wish it never returns in my life again despite of the fact that it brought me a lot of good things. I hope 2014 arrives with a ray of hopes and positiveness. I hope 2014 brings me that happiness which 2013 had snatched away from me. I wish you all a very, very Happy New Year. Stay healthy, be blessed.  


  1. nice portrayal sayantini... Happy new year!

  2. Your past year was eventful, here's to a lovely new one. Happy New year 2014 :)

    1. Indeed! I hope this year proves to be great for me too :) Happy New Year :)

  3. eventful indeed !! Happy New Year Sayantini

  4. Its a lovely read as usual, Sayantini. I'm honoured to have gotten myself a mention up there! :)
    You've had a very creative year! Keep going, keep writing.. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Deeptiman! Even I am honoured to be friends with you :) Happy New Year :)

  5. Great read.. Wish you an amazing 2014 !


  6. Wow a lovely way to summarize the good incidents in life. Lovely compilation Dear. Wishing you success and plenty of happiness on 2014. A Very Happy New Year


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