Independence, to Me

What does independence mean to you? To be dependent to yourself, to do whatsoever you want to or just to be yourself? Well, to me independence means to be responsible, to respect your upbringing and lead people towards the right path.

66 years ago some people dreamt of the independence of our country and wanted to give us our right to take responsibility of ourselves and the people who are under-privileged. Today is India’s 67th Independence Day. It cannot be believed that only 66 years back we were slaves to some highly authorized people. That’s like a nightmare. I feel so lucky to be born in an independent country and feel so sorry for those who are still fighting to live in a freed country.

Today, we are independent, we are free. We have a constitution and there are several democratic rights for us. But sometimes I feel, to some extent, independence is a mocking thing and very insignificant to today’s situations, especially for women. A girl cannot be with her male friends, she has to reach home by the evening, she has to work only at nearby places, she has to be mute against any crime or anything wrong to her can be justified. Even she has to wear clothes of the society’s choice, or else she would be accused of inciting men to rape her. Is this excuse rational enough? I want to ask you guys, what type of provoking clothes do you think a baby of merely 18 months would have worn? What type of inciting behavior a 65 years old lady would have done? No answers we have and I don’t think we would ever have!

Anyways, life still goes on. There was a Damini, there will be a lot of Daminis, we might be unaware of them but this will never stop. Still I wish, I wish everybody gets their own independence and the right to choose what’s good and what’s bad for them. I wish this world to be perfect for all the human beings, be it men or women. I wish men to respect women, they are worthy of it. I wish younger to respect elders. I wish this world becomes ideal for everybody, every creature. I wish India becomes cleaner and purer. It’s our responsibility to make India safe, pure and uncorrupted. This is the way how we can attain our independence and can gratify the meaning of independence and retain the glory of our Independence Day. 

I want to dedicate this post to all the Indians and to those who have brought us our Independence Day.



  1. Sayantini,

    I certainly agree with whatever you have said. I feel the same way about everything that is happening to the Indian women. i believe it is something intertwined in the Indian male to be feeling a certain chauvinism or superiority, it is inherent in them, it is something that can only be changed before he gets into manhood.

    For me, I have been brought up in a joint family, and at some point, I picked up quickly how women should be treated. As in the sense,the respect they deserve and the love they should be given.

    And I certainly believe it is this lack of ties with ones family that has affected the male minds of our country. They become disjoint from the sacrifices their own mother/sister has made. They succumb to such low depths that they could only associate a woman with sexual relationships.

    I certainly believe, it is not something the police or govt could do much about. They could definitely contain his actions but not his thoughts. As long as those thoughts remain impure, there is no hope.

    I certainly share your dream of a safe India. Where my countless sisters like you could walk safely any time of the day. But for that, I certainly believe ties of family should be strong.

  2. Very well said.Great explanation for both thanks for sharing this post.Keep on posting.
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  3. Amen .. may your wish and just like millions of other Indians like us come true ...

  4. Very nice thought. keep it up..

  5. This is really well written :)


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