Search For Togetherness


Sometimes when I am alone, I cry,
For togetherness.
For immortal love.
My blind-folded soul,
Keeps counting every flash,
Detangles the moments
Spent with you, randomly.
I smile, I cry,
I wipe the tears from my rosy cheeks.
I wish, I try,
To get back our lost togetherness.
I find the moments gone,
Out of the trash of ashes,
Tear-drops and sighs.

This poem is linked to-
Carry On Tuesday #194 (Prompt- The first two lines of a poem by Tupac Amaru Shakur, known also by his stage name 2pac.)


  1. You have certainly tapped into some deep feelings of abandonment in the writing of this poem.

  2. You depicted the pain and loneliness with sheer poignancy ... the words are delicately used and add a touch of realism in this poetry !!!

  3. I find the first two lines to be quite a heart tug!

  4. You have touched on a feeling so many can understand. Sad when 'togetherness' ends...nicely described.

  5. Simply beautiful. Thanks for contributing to this weeks Carry On Tuesday.

  6. Teardrops and sighs; the tokens of longing.

  7. I love you writing style. Beautiful :)

  8. Love your last line... teardrops and sighs. This is bittersweet, melancholic and reminiscent of that universal first lost love.

  9. An awesome piece of writing . . . exciting to read it.

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  11. love love & love endless or start of end.. cute smile with deep pain...


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