Letter of Hope


As far as my eyes can see,
I see you, I contemplate.
I think of you, night and day,
I dream of you day-long!
I write to you, countless letters,
Full of my heart; feelings die,
Inside it, crumpled piece of love.
I write thousand times, with new hope, new light!
But every time they cry, they cry alone,
In the dark.
The black words become alive,
They crawl, they creep all over,
All over my bed, my body.
They stretch out scrawny hands,
To smother me, or my dreams!
I wake up, not a soul there,
I am old and wise enough,
I write another note, fast and clear.
And fold and keep with care.
And promised to not crumple anymore.
And, again go to bed, to sleep, to dream.
‘Cause, as far as my eyes can see,
I see me with you,
Entangled in your arms, merged into your eyes.

This poem is linked to Carry On Tuesday and the prompt for this week is the title and the first-line of a famous song from 1982, sung by Colin Blunstone with the Alan Parsons Project.
Title: Old and wise
First line: As far as my eyes can see


  1. There is sadness and pain in this poem, but yet there is hope in dreams. Sometimes one must be thankful for the dreams!

    1. Yes, the only benefit of dreaming is that it gives you the strength to fulfill it. Thanks for commenting Mary. Please keep reading :)

  2. "‘Cause, as far as my eyes can see,I see me with you,Entangled in your arms, merged into your eyes." - Every time I come across your blog, I experience the power of your thoughts and the magic of your words ... u r an awesome writer !!!

    1. Thank you so much. Your comments have always been an encouragement for me. From the very first day, you have been very supportive. I heartily thank you for that.

  3. I hope this person has her dreams come true. It is sad, and yet, there is hope too. The imagery of crying in the dark is just... so sad.
    Beautiful poem.

    1. May her sadness turns into rich happiness! Thanks for commenting. Keep reading :)

  4. I agree--lots of sadness, but beautifully done--

    1. Thanks Audrey. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Hi Sayantini, new to your blog, what ever happens in life, optimism must get its due!


  6. Lovely and haunting...this thought is going to remain with me for a long time!!

    Loved reading it

    1. Thanks Me for the lovely comment. I am glad to know that you are going to remember these lines, and also thanks for following my blog. Lots of love straight from my heart!!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  8. The title is so perfect for your poem! I read sadness but also hope for someday...

  9. I have no words to describe this poem!
    simply awesome!
    Nice and Impressive design of your blog!

  10. I like the hope and dream of reunion at the end ~ Lovely piece ~

  11. thanks for sharing.


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