Happy Independence Day???

First of all I want to thank the martyrs who had got us freedom. they should be remembered today with all due respect.
              Let me wish you Happy Independence day. But, if you are girl, forget about the independence. And, if you are poor, forget about the happiness. In this 2012-India, you should be proud of your luck if you've survived, not of the “independence” that the politicians serves you. Rapes, murders, freedom of doing crimes, is it the real Independence that we wanted? I agree that there are some developments undergoing, but in such a few numbers that they are being overpowered by the internal corruptions. It is said to be developing, but we get nothing on the sum. Talking about corruption and price-rise is the most difficult and disgusting issues to talk about. People talk about it, expresses their grudge against it, media shows the protesting people and what happens at last? We forget everything and make ourselves absolved from the vices. But do we really empathize with the people who are suffering from these every day? Do we really feel what a poor peasant feels when he finally decides to kill himself to shake off the burden of living with his unfed family? No, we don’t. We sing the national anthem on every Independence Day, but how much of us try to understand the real meaning of it? Can we really claim to be a proud Indian? I don’t think so. When we would really empathize with those who suffered, we would make half the difference at once. Then every Indian will be a proud Indian, and then we will say “Happy Independence Day”.


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