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What do we think when we get a cell-phone? Internet, of course. In present time, your phone is of no use if you don’t have an internet connection. There is also another thing. These days, when everyone is trying to run faster than time, I can’t do well with a 2G internet connection. You must own a 3G SIM card. Now, the good news. Airtel is offering you the best speed possible. Fastest in India. They are here with the all new 4G connection for your 4G enabled cell-phone. The best part is that you can upgrade your 3G SIMs for free, only if you have a 4G enabled mobile phone.

Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India. Isn’t that a great thing? It means that all your worries regarding internet speed is about to bid goodbye.  The main problem that I have to face having a slow internet connecting is the unbearable delay in downloading. As every other person would agree with me, the internet speed is awful during the day. The only time you can experience some speed is either in the midnight or in the early morning. You are screwed if you need to download something important during the day. It would take you forever to complete the download.

There is something that I think most of us have experienced. That is the all night download. Here I am listing a few things that we face having a slow internet connection. The first thing is as I mentioned downloading files overnight. It is absolutely my story every day. I love movies but whenever I download them it is always a one-night plan. The next thing is watching videos. I am a big time YouTube freak. I watch at least twenty videos in a day. It’s my favourite pastime. Even my 3G SIM is unable to avoid the continuous buffering I face, leave alone the 2G ones. I think the 4G evolution would be something big as our country desperately needs it.

Airtel is definitely going to get some pat on the back for introducing our very first 4G service. Airtel, the most reputed telecom operator in India is doing a great job by providing Indian cellphone-users a historic change at the price of 3G. Now, what could be more awesome than this? Hats off to Airtel that they have not overlooked the pricing issues. They have rolled out the 4G services across 296 cities in India. Some places are still left out. I hope they start serving the entire nation soon. Another great thing is you can now get a 4G SIM by Airtel for free. Just tweet about Airtel 4G with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G and you are good to go. I have got mine recently. Your Airtel 4G SIM will reach you without any delivery charge. Nothing can beat this, I bet. 

This post is written for the #Airtel4G campaign by Airtel.


  1. Really nice post. The Airtel 4G network enables the user to experience the high speed internet browsing and downloads. The feature of upgrading your 3G SIM to 4G SIM is also good.

  2. what is rate of Airtel 4G in Delhi? Please give the details of recharge offers list day wise.


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