#MyAirtelApp for the New Smartphone Generation

One can’t get enough of technology, at least I believe so. Be it adult or young, everyone is mad about latest technology. Even the conformists would admit that they are obsessed with modern technologies in a way or the other. That is why people living far away from their children can’t deny the benefits of a web cam or a lonely grandmother can’t refuse the charm of an unexpected SMS from her grandchildren. Time has changed but the magical spell of technology has not yet been dissolved. The more we get, the more we want. The modern generation is definitely tech-savvy and now the previous generation is swiftly progressing to hit the mark. Why won’t they? Technology has served a lot even today it is continuing surprising us with many a path-breaking inventions. The progress has been so prominent that nowadays we don’t get amazed to see an old man taking selfies in the middle of the street. The modern world with latest technology and hottest trend is quite normal to us.

It was my father’s birthday the other week. He was being so adamant to get a smart phone for his birthday this year. His sole objective was just to chat on Whatsapp and operating Facebook from a bigger screen and yes, playing Candy Crush (he’s such an addict I tell you!). My internet-savvy father had to get a smart-phone so I chose one for him. You know what comes right after buying a smart-phone! Yes, downloading different apps and trying them out till the midnight. My father turned into a child by the night. He downloaded a whole lot of apps that day and ended up deleting most of them. He was confused what to keep and what to remove. So, I took my savior avatar and decided to help him choosing right apps for his preference and remove the ones he would probably never use. After choosing a few important and needful apps I downloaded the My Airtel App for him. As he has been an Airtel user, this app was supposed to work well for his preferences. Believe me, he was so happy to have this app on his phone. The benefits were amazing. The app seemed to have been made for him. These are a few reasons behind his happiness.

  • The My Airtel App gives you an ultimate opportunity to accumulate exciting coupons with every successful recharge made with this app. These coupons are called ‘Airtel Surprises’. One can redeem these coupons on various categories like Food, Shopping, Movies, Wellness etc. Popular merchants like PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, VLCC are in partnership with Airtel to give you the best of all offers. The coupons could be found under the ‘My Balance’ tab.

  • You can save your searches according to your popular searches and most frequent tasks on the home screen as a short cut. This will allow the app to save your frequently done tasks for a better and quicker access.

  • Safety comes first when we are gifting technology to our near and dear ones. The ‘My Airtel App’ is totally safe and secure for different payments. Bill payments are easy with PCIDSS certification, interactive interface and real time bill tracking.

What else would someone ask for? This app has made my father happy. The 'shake' feature has made him a child again. I am sure you’ll be happy too!

Courtesy: IndiBlogger

This post written for Indiblogger Happy Hours #MyAirtelApp campaign. 


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