I am a Woman

I am a woman
Not a mother, not a daughter
Not anybody's wife
These are not my identity.

Love me for what I am
Not for what you expect me to be.
Accept me, respect me
Or, lose me.

I am one, I am all,
I am nobody except myself.
I am not less, not more than anybody,
I am not inferior nor superior,

I am equal.
I am not weak, I don't need a support.
I don't stand in queues labeled 'Ladies',
Except they are less crowded.
I don't fight to occupy a 'Ladies' seat in public transports,
Except the of the seats are already filled up.

I know my limits, 
I value my liberty,
I am a woman, a human being,
Equal and empowered. 

Image: galleryhip.com

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  1. I didn't like the poem.. I simply Loved it..!! It's so honest and seems close to your heart..!
    Glad to have connected with you.. :)


  2. Wow! After watching "My Choice" this seems a perfect answer to it :)

  3. Very well written Dear.....so true!! My identity is that,"I am a woman." Accept me that way.....loved the words...


  4. I really liked the serenity of this post :)
    Good work :)


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