No Phone-calls Please!

I am an impulsive buyer. I grab anything that fascinates me at the first sight. This silly practice always gets me trapped. Most of the time, I end up disliking my impulsive purchases and can’t help selling them on concerned portals. The only thing I am concerned while posting an ad is ‘Will it get me genuine buyers?’ or ‘Is my phone number secured?’. I always hesitate to give my phone number, I know a lot of you can relate to me.

While selling anything on internet you get to take some risks. Quickr is one of the finest Indian online classifieds portals. I am glad that Quickr has come up with an idea called Quickr NXT which allows us to chat with the buyer instead of phone calls. Quickr NXT can be accessed through a mobile app, their mobile site or even from your desktop! That is definitely a great step because when it comes to buying or selling, chatting is a very convenient and risk-free way to communicate.

There are a few reasons why I prefer chat over a phone call while settling on a deal-

1. No More Risk, Absolute Safety: It’s always a risk to share your phone number with the people you know nothing about. Internet has its own disadvantages. One can misuse every bit of it. Sharing personal information as confidential as a phone number visible to everyone in this country is a risk that nobody wants to take, especially if you are a girl. Fake calls, abusive languages, abrupt talking anything could happen. Why take a chance? We can always opt for the chat and put the messages through a sieve and decide which one to respond.

2. No More Time Issues: One of the many problems people face while dealing with buyers are their tendency to call at the most odd times. Early in the morning when you are fast asleep, you’re phone rings- “I have called for the thing you’ve posted an ad for!”. Bang the phone. Late in the night when you’re just about to put out the lights looking forward to a goodnight’s sleep, you’re phone rings. “Hello, may I know the last bid for the product?” Hell, NO! That’s too much stress, isn’t it? With the chat option you don’t have to face these situations any more. You can talk at your convenience. You can hold it up if you’re stuck in something important. You buyers would know the time you prefer.

3. No More Beating about the Bush: My boyfriend once posted an ad for his old DSLR on a first-rate classifieds portal. The one his he learnt from his experience is ‘don’t ever entertain all the phone calls’. He told me that people kept calling him and bargained crazily. They offered his half the price he quoted. That’s nonsense! When a person sells something old, he/she already quotes a discounted price. Bargaining is good but crazy like this? People tend to call and beat about the bush. They keep asking about all the features your product might have, if you have the documents or not, if you bought it from a genuine retailer or not and so on. If you have the chatting app installed you don’t have to deal with the unwanted phone calls. You can easily choose between a genuine buyer and an uninterested one. It will make it easy for you to decide whom to reply and whom to ignore.

With Quickr NXT buying and selling could achieve a different (and improved) dimension.


This post is written for the Indiblogger Happy HoursGet Quickr NXT’ campaign in association with Quickr.


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