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She lives this life every day, 
On her way or way back,
Those gloomy, blood-red eyes follow her,
In her every move, every forwarding step. 
They hide at the darkened alleys, 
Light cigarettes and chats with uncouthness.
The keep their eyes on her, 
On her clothes and far beneath.
They stare with jagged, penetrating gapes,
Chat about filthy impulses.
 She wants to scream and slap the darkness,
She wants to avoid the gazes or disappear.
She wants a way out from the cul-de-sac.
But fails to muster up the courage she has inside.
The blood-red eyes come closer, 
The filth in them touches her shoulder viciously,
And then her fragile hands and rosy cheeks,
Her slender waist and guiltless soul.
They harm her chastity, her invaluable riches.
She lays alone on the spotless, dirt-less street,
People points out the blood-stream, 
Torn clothes and bare body and
A victim primitive hunger.

Written for Poets United Mid-week Motif
Prompt- Hunger


  1. such a heart wrenching poem!! fab

  2. Its so b'fully written.. very touchy !!

  3. primitive impulses overpower but one must be strong and defeat the victimization, be good and kind to yourself and live without shame, for they will die with it

    gracias for sharing

  4. Oh. How these words make me feel and dread the rape long before it happens! Primitive hunger indeed! Evil violation and objectification. Not part of the animal world either, only the "human" one. I am left with a parted being, half sorrow and half anger with a void between.

  5. 'She wants to scream and slap the darkness' Wow!!! Deep poem, Sayantini

  6. You've described the mentality of a rapist in the most chilling words and you've done a wonderful job of it. You've brought out the feeling of being sullied by such a gaze wonderfully well. Being a Bharatiya Nari i've felt it often.

  7. A very touching poem, Wish this world was a better place to live! :/

  8. The feelings are well written from beginning to end. This a hunger that never is filled.

  9. Your poem touches the heart's core and shivers up my spine to believe that Man has completely lost mankind!

  10. One can feel the raw emotions and fear that were beautifully written in this piece.

  11. Sachché phansi chadte dekhe,
    Jootha Maoj udaaye !!
    Shattering post.

  12. beautiful poem...awesome..

    my recent one :

  13. This is such a sad tale of the 'modern' society where we live in. The evil still has its ugly head intact. Perhaps, it's time when we all walk united, and curb the dirt on the way.

  14. one could call it beautiful is beyond me....we told and intense, but....
    its stomach turning what we do to each other at times.

  15. A primitive hunger indeed!A monster that sadly has become too ravenous in recent times :-( Raw and powerfully evocative-well written Sayantini:-)

  16. Intense and deep. Wonderfully penned! Kudos.

  17. Wow- what a powerful poem!

    Visting from A to Z...

  18. This poem is really great! I really like how you write.
    And yes, I would love to follow each other! Just followed you now (:

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life


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