I'm Back in Action and a News

First of all, sorry for the long break. After so many days, I am here again. I want to say that I missed my blog a lot as well as I missed you guys. You proved to be very supportive throughout my journey of blogging, and I am sure that you will help me overcome this long gap once again.

 My mind was preoccupied with some grotty issues for a couple of months. I was not so sure of writing a poem and to post it on the blog. I was a little boggled. But now, I have thrown the trash out of my head and my mind has become a little fresher than it what it was before.

I have got a part time job, which I am loving lately. The salary isn't ‘that good’, but it can still fulfill my requirements.

Actually, I have good news for all of you. One of my poems (Read it on my blog) has been selected to be published and even got published a few days back on an anthology named “Convergence: A global collection of poetry”. Those who are interested, it’s available on Amazon.com.

I’ll be back with a new poem for you very soon. Till then, take care. Bye.

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  1. Welcome back!
    have you entered for my giveaway??

  2. Congrats dear. That is great.

    xo janika

  3. Congratulations buddy ... good to see you back :-)

  4. Congratulations Sayantini!

    Keep it up. Keep on writing. If you don't like it then keep aside. However, don't stop writing whatever may be the provocation.


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