The Decision

Pic Courtesy: Google Images(edited by me)

Dear my life, I know,
To you, my life I owe.
But it’s real hell to tell,
My misdeeds are like water
Running out of the pail.
It hurts when I hurt myself,
Smear my sorrows through,
Seal the trails of help.

O my life, I dream,
And follow it by the rim.
Yet I forget to pretend,
That I am fine,
To someone I truly intend.
Over his shadows I cry,
He’s there, near to me,
But untouchable, don’t know why.

Oh! My life, I lose,
The right way, I failed to choose.
Thus I wish for an end,
A quicker and easier pick,
As my life needs a mend.
Hope he will pray for me,
To flatten the paths of purgatory,
And kiss, and bid goodbye with glee.


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