A Dark Lady's Song

Dark are my ways, and darker is my soul,
Near the slum, over the border;
Dirty is my path, and filthy is my goal.
My heart and my core think of you,
All day long, and only for the day;
‘Cause my days are long but nights are few.

I thought once that I, could spend my life,
Dreaming of you all night, but;
No night I can dream, my nights are all alive.
Not anymore like it was before,
Not you, not me and not the else;
Your footsteps couldn’t find my door.

My feelings bundle up, and my passions die,
All my sobs get stopped, and;
My shabby bed and withered roses do cry.
Your eyes follow me all the time,
On my ruffled bed and darkened lane;
My harsh cries are changed into chime.

My room is full of flowers, but;
All flowers are dry; I take them to throw,
But, I stop and keep my door shut.
I can’t do what you did to me,
Smelled me like a flower, and;
Didn't hear any cry nor did any plea.

Now, I owe my life to the darkness,
People hate me in the light;
And, love is lost in the mess.
My helpless nights becomes long,
Shadows left me alone;
And, this is a dark lady’s song.


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