And I Took the Last Way

Courtesy: Google Images(edited by me)

And I took the last way,
And I took me out of me.
The last way leading to that stream
The way that no one can see.

I can remember, the day;
The day, you came near me.
Roses was your hands,
Eyes were full in glee.

‘Tulip’, you uttered your name,
With eyes, filled in glow.
Lost in your eyes, I was,
Telling my name I became a bit slow.

A friendship grew between us,
From the first day of sight.
Tulip and Fred are in love,
They said, and they are quite right.

Sunday, the church going day,
You used to insist to go.
I used to smile and hold your hand,
As you told me so.

Remember that day, Sunday, yes.
We went for God and Prayer,
You saw someone,
And I lost you there.

More I wanted, more I wanted to spare
With your love, togetherness, dear.
Less I took, less I took from you,
Only a smile, only your eyes’ dew.

Lost you then, I find you now,
This Sunday, as I went to pray.
I saw you, I saw and shocked,
You made my eyes gray.

Flowers in your hands, and that smile,
That smile that made me mad.
And your sight through the veil,
Still made me glad.

White was your gown,
And cheeks wonderfully blushed.
Red was your lips,
Your name first realized.

Colours were all around,
A palette of bless.
Amongst these colours,
Only I was colourless.

Pardon me, if you are hurt,
Pardon me, my friend of joy.
For I forgot how you hurt,
How you threw me like some toy.

Poems I wrote, you used to read,
Now they want not you.
My empty notebooks smile,
My painful pen finds new.

What I gained, what I lost,
Is an intricate sum.
But what you gained and lost,
Is so simple to assume.

Someday I asked you,
While your fingers combed my hair.
“What if I am lost?”
You swiftly put your hand on my lips in fear.

Then you said, “Two ways are there.
One is to wait, as I know you can’t go;
And the last way is towards the stream,
As the water there, is not shallow.”

And I am taking the last way.
As I know there is no need to wait,
And I know the stream is not shallow.
After an hour you too will know that.


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